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Classes Offered and Show Entries

See lots of wish local show offered. Admit I considered going to a show with my youngster, when I checked they did not have 3 entries for the class, so I didn't.

There should be a way shows can offer a variety of classes, a type of competitor tiered voting for classes.

Include a min. three entry or class is removed. Prepayment. Other Suggestions?

Ways to implement, full integration with one of the horse show programs... more »

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Show manager training

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With people from around the USA attending the AQHA World Show not only to compete but many to watch I would attend the show management training class. Few years ago Sandy recommended that we start holding a small show, I would live to, but with all my horses I don't travel. But many do come to OKC in November.

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Allow stallions in Level One competition

I qualify in all events in Level One competition as a rider, but can not complete in that division due to my sole horse is a stallion. I've owned stallions all my life and have stood multiple AQHA and APHA stallions. I could understand the reasoning behind a "beginner" riding a stallion. However being a beginner level at showing does not equate to a beginner rider or horseman. Maybe a way around that to verify the rider... more »

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Amatuer Level 3 at World Shows

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Why can't we enter same Level 3 class at World Shows. I was told it's because they don't want someone to win both shows. If that's the case at least give those of us that didn't win a second chance !!! If you win at Select, you may not enter Lucas, That's Not hard to track & I don't think anyone would dishonestly enter Lucas, only to be Dq'd. There would be more entries, it's Too Expensive to travel to World Shows for... more »

Horse Showing

Performance Halter At World Shows and Other Top Shows

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This has been discussed widely but nothing is ever done about it. Please change the criteria for showing Performance Halter to require the horse to be shown in a performance class at the same show, including World Shows and other top AQHA shows. Performance Halter was not supposed to be just another Halter class for Halter horses.

It's getting so old seeing these true "halter" horses swoop in to World Shows and Congress... more »

Horse Showing

Youth Classes

Was listening to a person the other day, they mentioned meeting two young ladies who had championships in pleasure ... Now for the not so great news, both young ladies had to have knee surgery 🙁

Judges need to consider horse size to youth size how riding preconceptions like toes straight forward affects youth skeletal health. Instructors need some guidelines to help them. Articles in AQHYA.
Other ideas Welcome!... more »

Horse Showing

Where are the Rookie Classes

I am in favor of leveling and rookie classes to give less experienced competitors and those who don't have "world class" quality horses a place to show and be competitive. Here in the Southwest, we never see rookie classes offered except for the Level 1 Championships in Las Vegas. We see Level 1 Classes offered at most shows in the "core" rail and pattern classes.
Show managers need to start offering the rookie classes... more »

Horse Showing

Add L1 Youth/Amateur Walk/trot to Level 1 Championship Shows

With those class numbers increasing, it would be nice if AQHA would add those walk/trot Level 1 classes to the championship shows. Since entries have fallen and there are 3 locations making long shows days a non issue any more. This could encourage more participation at the Level 1 Championship shows and a stepping stone in towards the walk/trot/lope classes at those very shows, as well.

Story Ideas

Who has the oldest living registered American Quarter horse?

With all the new products and feeds on the market these days horses are living longer healthier lives. AQHA should honor these horses and their owners. I would suggest a contest or do an article on the oldest registered still living horse and find out the secrete to their longevity. Possibly offer as a prize a years supply of the supplements and feed that led to the graceful aging of that particular horse.