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Halter. Go back to 2 & under, 3 & older

The individual age halter classes have reduced the number of halter entries at our shows. Although we tell exhibitors classes can be combined, they don't like the required classes now. We need to go back to the option of show management to offer either platform.

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Novice Performance halter

I would like to see a way for Novice competitiors to qualify their horses for Performance Halter. This class is offered in a Novice division but there is no way that one showing in the Novice division could qualify for it. As a competitior, I would have to show in Am or Open to earn an ROM which defeats the purpose of offering Novice classes. I understand the points aren't recorded on the horse's record in Novice but... more »

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Please add more ranch classes to AQHA shows

Please consider adding Ranch Rail Pleasure and Ranch Halter classes to AQHA shows. I've really enjoyed these classes an non-AQHA shows, and I think they would make a valuable addition to the AQHA show sheet. They would also make it possible to have a Ranch Division Champion/High Point.

I understand that it would really be adding 8 classes, not just 2 (Open, Amateur, Novice Amateur, Youth), but I think it would really... more »

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Performance Halter At World Shows and Other Top Shows

This has been discussed widely but nothing is ever done about it. Please change the criteria for showing Performance Halter to require the horse to be shown in a performance class at the same show, including World Shows and other top AQHA shows. Performance Halter was not supposed to be just another Halter class for Halter horses.

It's getting so old seeing these true "halter" horses swoop in to World Shows and Congress... more »