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Horse Showing

Youth Classes

Was listening to a person the other day, they mentioned meeting two young ladies who had championships in pleasure ... Now for the not so great news, both young ladies had to have knee surgery 🙁

Judges need to consider horse size to youth size how riding preconceptions like toes straight forward affects youth skeletal health. Instructors need some guidelines to help them. Articles in AQHYA.
Other ideas Welcome!... more »

Horse Showing

Horseback Riding program mobile app

Make a mobile app for the horseback riding progeam rather than logging into the AQHA site. You could then add an option to store or add hours to your log when you get back into wifi or 4g range. Alot of trail riders already use map programs linked to their phones/mobile devices on the trail, this would just add to their trail fun at tbe end of the ride.


Horse Showing

Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) Partnership with AQHA

Has AQHA ever considered partnering with the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) for their hunter classes and such? With as many TB mares that go on to produce quality Appendix foals out there, it would seem to me that AQHA would want to get on board with making the TB a featured breed right alongside the QH. It would help to offer more recognition of the TB mares that went on to do well in the TIP Program and then for... more »

Horse Showing

Prohibit Cross Entering Between Select Amateur and Amateur

This is likely a Rule Proposal that needs written up but i'll post it here for feedback.

It is noted that you are not able to show at the Select World Show and the Amateur/Open World Show. You have to choose one or the other if you qualify for both. Also, you are unable to show the Level 1 Select Amateur and the Level 1 Amateur Class at the Level 1 Championships

With that being said I think it reasonable that there... more »

Horse Showing

Please add more ranch classes to AQHA shows

Please consider adding Ranch Rail Pleasure and Ranch Halter classes to AQHA shows. I've really enjoyed these classes an non-AQHA shows, and I think they would make a valuable addition to the AQHA show sheet. They would also make it possible to have a Ranch Division Champion/High Point.

I understand that it would really be adding 8 classes, not just 2 (Open, Amateur, Novice Amateur, Youth), but I think it would really... more »

Horse Showing

schedule shows with exhibitor in mind

We would like to show both at the silver dollar and the Arizona sun circuit but they obviously do not keep the exhibitors in mind when scheduling. My daughter is a youth how will she show both shows? We are from Oregon so were they thinking exhibitors would go home in between?? She shows in Vegas feb 24-27 , and then March 8 -12 in arizona. Do they not think of the exhibitors? You would think if they would like larger... more »

Horse Showing

World Show Schedules

I would like to see the Schedule changed each year at the World Shows, it would be nice if your speed events (example) are last one year, next year they could be first or middle just so the same classes aren't always the same days every year, it's hard to always have to get days off midweek, or then you always show wknds when motel rates are higher, I realize this might not be a big issue for a lot of people but on the... more »

Horse Showing

Achievement Awards

The AQHA should create an achievement award for a horse/rider combination that have earned 100 or more points in a single performance discipline. Other than year end awards, there is no incentive for horse/rider combinations to show in one discipline to keep showing after they earned a Superior (Event) Horse award.

Horse Showing

Make score sheets meaningful for exhibitors

The check +/- system for scoring horsemanship, showmanship and equitation is not really very useful for judges or exhibitors, as it doesn't correlate to a score like trail or western riding. You can get similar marks from two different judges and have scores that vary from 73 to 93. One judge recently was telling me how difficult it was for them to use the system and to "not bother looking at the score sheets" as they... more »

Horse Showing

Rule breakers

Why is it when someone is breaking the rules it's so hard to get AQHA to do do anything? Turning someone in for accepting cash money for training yet showing youth seems to go no where. Even when you have multi letters sent sent in and signed by those who paid. But because it's cash taqha says they need a check as proof. I think written letters should be enough. Who is in charge ?? Everyone could just take cash and continue... more »

Horse Showing

AQHA Leaders List

Why are the Select Amateur riders listed under the Amateur Leaders AND the Select Amateur lists? I think that the only way a select rider should be listed in the Amateur Leaders List is if they show in the Amateur class, most of the Select riders listed only show in the Select classes and have never competed in the regular Amateur class. They should not get 2 chances for awards for only showing in one division.

Horse Showing

Suggestion for new mobile

I find the mobile version of AQHA.Com hard to use. I like using the full site, even on my phone, so I have access to areas I need when I am secretary for a show. Also, There is no "showing" page to access.

Please rework the main page to headings same as Web page.

Need to get info on forms and opening a show to verify a horse's name or number or verify owner/ROM.

Thank you. (The sooner the better!)