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Horse Showing

Show UP: Rookie can Auto Qualify in Novice Level 1 Classes

A Rookie (horse/rider combo) should be automatically eligible to ALSO show in LEVEL 1 classes at a Novice Championship thus NOT requiring a ROOKIE to nationally or regionally qualify or to get an affiliate "slot". A Rookie can be allowed to cross enter without meeting the qualification requirements of a non-rookie.

A ROOKIE is a beginner TEAM (horse and rider). If they want to show UP to the next level we should applaud... more »


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AQHA Membership

Allow stallions in Level One competition

I qualify in all events in Level One competition as a rider, but can not complete in that division due to my sole horse is a stallion. I've owned stallions all my life and have stood multiple AQHA and APHA stallions. I could understand the reasoning behind a "beginner" riding a stallion. However being a beginner level at showing does not equate to a beginner rider or horseman. Maybe a way around that to verify the rider... more »