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Honest judging

After about 20 years away from the horse industry my brother has come back as our farm manager. He is a past AQHA judge including having judged AQHA and AQHYA World Shows and trained AQHA Champions. His first comment after attending a recent show was, "What happened to the rules?'
Upon further review we noted that the rules have not changed, they are just ignored. Please read the rules for what is expected of a Western... more »

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Stick to the rules and dead lines.

I think the rules should be adhered to by the judges, Judges should not be able to change rules as they wish at a show on a whim. Also, Deadlines for shows should not be extended. Such as the deadline for the World was the 15th, now it is the 19th, is it a deadline or not? Lets stick to the rules.

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Rookie Level should be only determined by the rider's points

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If the current attempts at levelling are to be successful, all Rookie classes should be determined by the number of the rider's points, not the points on a particular horse. There places in the 2014 handbook that are contradictory, and who wants a green rider on a green horse? It is a disaster waiting to happen. This rule should hold across the board. If arider has too many points to compete in Rookie and the hors... more »