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Horse Showing

Don't increase select age to 62

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I would urge the task force that is examining the idea of raising the Select age to 62 not to make this mistake. The idea that this will increase the size of the amateur classes is untrue. We could already ride the amateur division if we wanted to. Clearly most of us don't. If you raise the age limit, many of us will choose not to show anymore. The loss of amateurs was due to the disastrous idea of the novice roll... more »

Horse Showing

Limit show managers' bookings to judges.

Limit the number of times that any show management company, or shows managed by those companies, can book individual judges in a rolling 12 month period.
When any one management company controls a vast number of show numbers per year, that company holds great power and influence over the individual judges. If a judge doesn't take the manager's 'hint' about who their favorite client or exhibitor in the pen is, that judge... more »