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Honest judging

After about 20 years away from the horse industry my brother has come back as our farm manager. He is a past AQHA judge including having judged AQHA and AQHYA World Shows and trained AQHA Champions. His first comment after attending a recent show was, "What happened to the rules?'
Upon further review we noted that the rules have not changed, they are just ignored. Please read the rules for what is expected of a Western... more »

AQHA Membership

Youth Judging Teams

AQHA needs to approve and set rules for youth judging teams that are not part of FFA or the 4H. I say this because we know children who do not have either available to them. They are interested in starting in youth judging teams. They have the backing of a local horse club. AQHA has been called several times and asked about this without any results. I feel that it should be looked into and something made available... more »

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Competitive Judging and Actual Judging

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I coach youth competitive judging and have had successful teams at local and national contests. I find that there is inconsistency between what I teach my students in order to be successful in competitive judging and what we hear from real world judges. For instance, a seminar was provided the day before the Congress judging contest last year and the speaker even asked, "Do you want me to do this from the judging contest... more »