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AQHA Ranch Horse Pleasure class "as is"

Ranch Horse Pleasure has been a very successful and growing class for AQHA and popular among members and new members wanting to try class. Leave class format the same and let this popular class evolve without structural changes. (i.e. leave as individual pattern class, not adding more obstacles etc).

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Position paper on AQHA ranch horse classes coming soon

The AQHA show and pro horseman's committee recommended some excellent changes in the ranch horse platform of classes during the 2014 convention. The AQHA executive committee approved some, but not all of those changes and made changes that were not proposed and are bad for the success of this important group of classes. This is a heads up that the exhibitors interested in these classes are putting together another position... more »

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Natural Verses Extreme

Do we need to go extreme in every class? The Reiners have their sliding stops, their spins…their running backs…their collection. The Western Pleasure people have their collection…their slow lopes…their headsets and etc….and that is not meant to be critical…it’s just what it is. What I love about Ranch Horse Pleasure is that it is natural. It’s no doubt the main reason why people have started showing again and the class... more »

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AQHA Ranch Classes Before 2017

During the 2015 AQHA Convention, the Show Committee recommended initiation of a ranch horse trail class for the third year in a row and the initiation of a ranch rail pleasure class for the second year in a row. Both recommendations were passed as part of the committee reports during the closing membership business meeting. The stipulation was made that neither class would be implemented until 2017. The rationale for... more »

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More Ranch Classes by 2016

I would like to suggest that AQHA seriously consider moving the implementation of the ranch rail and ranch trail classes up to 2016 if not sooner. The membership has made it very clear that they are very much in support of ranch classes. AQHA has a huge opportunity here. The membership is asking, no, begging for these classes. How can the association not jump in with both feet and do whatever it takes to make this happen,... more »

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Ranch Halter/Conformation Class

I would be interested in a "ranch" type class as part of the halter classes as part of the Ranch Horse Divison. In my mind it would be similar to the way performance halter type horses are judged.

Having a Ranch Halter, Ranch Trail, Ranch Pattern and a Ranch Rail class would round out a full division in my mind.

As far as it goes for me - Its really tough for me to make the trip and show AQHA shows with my Ranch Horse... more »

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Racing division of AQHS

The Racing Division should be a separate association and have their own officers, directors and members. They currently have their own publication; why not separate these two entities and quit having the halter, pleasure and performance division of the AQHA pay for grants given to the state racing associations rather than the state performance associations. Also the racing industry seems to have the most problems, including... more »

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Youth Social Media Coordinator

I think that AQHA needs a youth social media coordinator. This person would try to encourage more youth the join AQHA and become more involved. They would help manage the AQHA youth Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter pages. As a participant in the 2013 AQHA Young Horse Development Program, I was able to reach out to other youth about the program by creating a Facebook page, "Megan D'Andrea and Willow 2013 AQHA... more »