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walk only trail classes and walk trot for older riders

Many older horse lovers today may have fear, or health problems that prevent them from loping yet they still want to stay active in riding and horse shows. How about classes, even on the local level, where 55 and older riders can just do walk/trot or walk only trail classes. (In real life, out on the trail, I never loped.) I discussed this with several of my horse trainer's clients who are over 60 and they all agreed they would feel safer in the arena in slower classes. Now that I am retired I want to spend my time and money on horses and showing as I now have the time and money but not the energy or confidence I once had. I need classes tailored to my age group of over 60. AQHA would have a new venue to reach and keep a whole new group. Win win for both sides.


Idea No. 57