Horse Showing

Quarter Horse Altnernative Competition Program

I would LOVE to see a program that allows Quarter Horses to earn credits from open shows like that offered by APHA called the Paint Alternative Competition Program. Not everyone can afford to attend Quarter Horse shows and quite frankly, not every Quarter Horse can win at them. This type of program rewards those horses and riders/exhibitors to be recognized for their hard work, dedication and achievement on a different level. It also encourages more people to get into showing and eventually move up into attending the AQHA shows. This industry is always highlighting the decline of youth involvement and membership, why not include a program like this to help attract members and interest? Furthermore, this program would really lend well to exemplifying the true versatility of the breed; it would allow people world-wide to be rewarded for showing their Quarter Horse in events that aren't offered at Quarter Horse shows such as Dressage, Western Dressage, Eventing, 4-H and Pony club, Hunter/Jumper etc. AQHA needs to catch up on the times and offer a program like this! Even the Canadian Pinto Horse Association offers a ROM program similar to the PAC program. Mor


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