Horse Showing

Performance Halter At World Shows and Other Top Shows

This has been discussed widely but nothing is ever done about it. Please change the criteria for showing Performance Halter to require the horse to be shown in a performance class at the same show, including World Shows and other top AQHA shows. Performance Halter was not supposed to be just another Halter class for Halter horses.


It's getting so old seeing these true "halter" horses swoop in to World Shows and Congress and steal the trophies that performance exhibitors work hard to show in. Just look at the recent Select World Show placings in Performance Halter Mares and Geldings. In both cases (mares and geldings) the Champion and Reserve Champion horses are clearly halter bred, have racked up MANY performance halter points all year, and exactly 10-12 points in barrels and/or poles. So if these were really performance barrel horses, why have they only shown enough barrels to get their 10 points? And why is it always early in the year and then they suddenly STOP showing barrels and poles. Let's face it, these are NOT performance horses. If you can't catch and penalize them for loading a couple of classes with non-contenders, then we MUST start requiring the horse to be shown in a performance class at every show they wish to show performance halter.


And before you say, "well so-n-so can't show her gelding in a performance class at the Select World because she can't ride"... keep in mind that so-n-so CAN show her gelding in regular halter classes. If he has that great a conformation, then they should be able to win a regular halter class. And there is always showmanship.


What do we have to do to make this happen? Everyone is tired of it and they're going to just stop showing performance halter altogether.


Idea No. 77