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New pointed Class Overall Supreme Halter Horse

There are so few Halter horses showing that to win points with a stallion almost impossible. Most young mare and young gelding classes are not point classes. Resolve: After the Grand and Reserve classes are held, hold a class for all halter class winners and second place horses of all sexes regardless of the number of horses in the class. The judges pick the Supreme and Reserve Supreme halter horse from all sexes and those winners get one more and 1/2 more point than the highest point earning Grand and Reserve Champion halter horse(s) respectively. For example: Highest point earning class is a class of mares where the Grand Champion mare earns 2 points. A stallion wins Supreme Halter Horse of all sexes. He would get 3 points regardless of how many stallions are showing because he won over the mare that was top of her sex division. The reserve is a gelding who has earned 1 point for going Grand. He would then get 11/2 point added to his winnings so that he earns 21/2 points, 1/2 point more than the mare. This should encourage people to start showing in halter a little more.


Idea No. 308