Horse Showing

Natural Verses Extreme

Do we need to go extreme in every class? The Reiners have their sliding stops, their spins…their running backs…their collection. The Western Pleasure people have their collection…their slow lopes…their headsets and etc….and that is not meant to be critical…it’s just what it is. What I love about Ranch Horse Pleasure is that it is natural. It’s no doubt the main reason why people have started showing again and the class has gained popularity. It is very important to keep it open to what is natural for each and every horse’s confirmation and stride when being showed/ judged. I hope that judges and trainers don’t push going to extremes like the extended walk or have one look that everyone has to try to obtain. Ranch Horse Pleasure needs to stay in the middle of the road and give us people that want to train our own horse something to show in with whatever our horse may have for a headset or a stride. I hope to not see shorter strided horses being forced into a ground covering walk that is not natural for them. I think it’s ok if a horse is long strided and naturally covers ground at a faster pace…..but the bumping each step to get an extended ground covering walk is really not natural in my book. I hope to not see headsetting gadgets on horses….because people may try to obtain that one look. There is nothing wrong with middle of the road …..I hope it can stay in between extremes and I think the shows will keep getting bigger and everyone can have fun.

Nothing Prettier...More Comfortable and Happier than Natural! Thank you.


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