Horse Showing

Do It Yourself Showing

I am proposing a class for people who do not uses professional trainers to prepare their horses for shows. There are a lot of divisions and even types of shows to level the playing field for AQHA members, but all current efforts favor people with professional trainers.


When you calculate the yearly income required to employ a trainer it economically excludes 98% of AQHA members from showing. There are still other members who do all of their own preparations because they enjoy the challenge.


I understand that if this idea is considered there will be a lot of other questions to answer, like how to police it or how to set it up since no other association has attempted this. For now we are only debating the basic idea. If it is considered we will explore the details and possibilities.


The amount of people showing in AQHA shows has been decreasing for several years along with the demand for show horses. If you believe this would encourage more people to own and show horses, please agree.


Idea No. 96