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Correctly annotate color on reigistration papers.

AQHA's inability, and sometimes refusal, to correctly register a horse's color is antiquated. Given the advancements in genetics testing, it is not difficult to correctly register color, even given the constraints of the old computer system and failed upgrade. A sorrel horse with the champagne dilution should not be registered as a palomino. Grey is not a base color, it is a type of white pattern and can easily be noted that a horse carries grey in the notes, etc.

An anecdote to illustrate this point: I had a red dun mare gone grey. She had a buckskin filly that also started to go grey. I sent in registration for the filly, to register her as grey and registration was denied because neither parent was registered grey. I then had to pay to have the mare's papers changed to reflect grey or else the filly be denied registration. Essentially, I had to pay to correct AQHA's error or be punished.

AQHA's current procedure for color registration is ridiculous and needs to be corrected.


Idea No. 31