Horse Showing

AQHA Ranch Classes Before 2017

During the 2015 AQHA Convention, the Show Committee recommended initiation of a ranch horse trail class for the third year in a row and the initiation of a ranch rail pleasure class for the second year in a row. Both recommendations were passed as part of the committee reports during the closing membership business meeting. The stipulation was made that neither class would be implemented until 2017. The rationale for this timing was the expense of programing the current AQHA computer system to handle the new classes. During the closing membership business meeting I went to the microphone and requested that as these recommendations work their way to final executive committee decisions consideration be given to moving up the timing of implementation. I noted that there were 36,415 entries in ranch horse pleasure in 2014 and that when the programming costs were considered in light of the number of entries and goodwill generated among the membership, that the costs were minimal and well worthwhile. In addition to those considerations, AQHA is being left behind by APHA who will start offering ranch trail in a couple of months and of course ARHA, SHOT and other ranch organizations. AQHA members that show ranch horses are being forced to go elsewhere, while AQHA waits on the new computer system, and they may not return. Please move up the implementation of these classes at least to 2016, while mid year 2015 would be even better.


Idea No. 277