Horse Showing

AQHA Training Show

Most will agree that we need to find a way to expand the number of people and horses showing at AQHA shows in order to improve the equine market. Currently less than 2% of AQHA members are participating in the current show system because only the very best horses and riders can achieve success and feel competitive. The following suggestion would bridge the gap for riders and horses. There is a place for every horse... more »

AQHA Membership

AQHA Marketing Department.

How would you feel about setting aside a portion of revenue to promote the breed? This would be similar to the Beef Check Off. Start by hiring a marketing person/staff within AQHA HQ who would be responsible for promoting and encouraging more people to own, use and show AQHA horses. Possibly even having one person in each state or region responsible for promoting the breed on the ground. These people would look for... more »