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Two Day Shows

I'd like to see AQHA encourage two day shows. Too many shows are getting to be circuits. This gets hard for the average joe who has to work in order to support this habit. We want to participate as much as possible as well. Take Wisconsin for example. For 2015 we have five shows in a row! All circuits the first one is five days, the second through fourth week are all four day circuits with the last one being a five day... more »

Horse Showing

Quarter Horse Altnernative Competition Program

I would LOVE to see a program that allows Quarter Horses to earn credits from open shows like that offered by APHA called the Paint Alternative Competition Program. Not everyone can afford to attend Quarter Horse shows and quite frankly, not every Quarter Horse can win at them. This type of program rewards those horses and riders/exhibitors to be recognized for their hard work, dedication and achievement on a different... more »

Horse Showing

Point entry requirement

Require Shows to have points uploaded to the AQHA site within a week of the show ending or have their date fr that show compromised for next year. It is ridiculous that shows take a moth to even upload them to AQHA to even see the unofficial results. It makes it hard to keep track of qualifying points that way

Horse Showing

Allow 4-H or other show sponsors to host All Novice shows.

Currently only state affiliates can offer All Novice Shows. I believe these shows would be a perfect fit for 4-H groups to host. Even other show sponsors could offer All Novice Shows. By allowing others to sponsor the Novice Shows they would be available in various parts of a state thus reducing the cost to exhibitor in travel. Much more attractive to parents!

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Fall Foaling

Encourage fall foaling in addition to the traditional spring foaling. There are many advantages of fall foaling and more show classes could fit the new foaling dates. The show classes could split every 6 months. My main objective for fall foaling is management and health of the mares and foals. We have springtime fescue problems in the Midwest; cold, wet spring weather, along with heat and insects. The mares milk on hay... more »