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Improve Utility of Horse Search Function

I have been trying to find a stallion to breed a mare to for some months now and it is next to impossible. Breeders do not advertise like they used to and unless you are already aware of the stud, it is not possible to find what you are looking for. The AQHA horse search database would be invaluable if it were possible to search in a logical manner, not only in stallion searches, but for potential sale horses, etc. I... more »


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Search Tattoo Numbers

My idea is similar to how we can search for registered names, but instead be able to search for tattoos. You would put in the tattoo and the registered name and the other information that pops up with you search a registered name would pop up. I'm a member of several 'do you know this horse' groups and it would be much easier to search a tattoo number as I can search a name for information instead of calling into AQHA.... more »