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Quarter Horse Altnernative Competition Program

I would LOVE to see a program that allows Quarter Horses to earn credits from open shows like that offered by APHA called the Paint Alternative Competition Program. Not everyone can afford to attend Quarter Horse shows and quite frankly, not every Quarter Horse can win at them. This type of program rewards those horses and riders/exhibitors to be recognized for their hard work, dedication and achievement on a different... more »

Horse Showing

AQHA Alternative Competition Program

I would love it if we could have an alternative competition program, like APHA's PAC program. This allows horses to earn alternative competition points when they are shown in smaller shows and shows that are not AQHA breed shows. Schooling shows, playdays, state shows, barrel racing and gymkhana shows, parades, 4-H shows, team pennings, ropings, horse trials, and other activities that fall outside the category of AQHA... more »


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AQHA approved dressage shows

The current AQHA Dressage program makes participation very difficult. My state does not currently offer any AQHA approved dressage shows. Each USDF/USEF licensed dressage show must apply for approval with AQHA with a $50 charge per show. Additionally, while not currently enforced, the show secretary must be a member of AQHA. Our state dressage shows are pretty large but I'm still usually the only one showing a quarter... more »

Horse Showing

Hold lower level Dressage Classes at Breed shows

I love dressage, but would also love to gain points on my hus horse. Dressage seems to be a growing discipline for the quarter horse. Why not show off their abilities in this discipline and gain participants at the recognized breed shows, instead of relying on other shows to be recognized by AQHA?If dressage classes through first level were held at actual breed shows, many of these horses could also compete in hus and... more »

Horse Showing

Make showing more accessible for disabled competitors

There seem to be few and far Equestrians With Disabilities classes in many shows, unless you get to a large show. Could there be a rule change so these dedicated and hard-working, inspirational people could get in the pen more often, such as being able to compete in the regular classes, if there are no more than a certain number of entrants and perhaps all competitors are warned, if the disability could be a hazard,... more »