AQHA Membership

Lifetime Members

I would like to suggest that AQHA consider offering more advantages to being (and incentives for becoming) a Lifetime member. For instance, as a long time Lifetime member I would really appreciate receiving unlimited access to AQHA records from the AQHA website. This would cost our Association nothing and would probably grow our Lifetime memberships. Most AQHA "Life-ers" are strong, committed members who show, breed,... more »

AQHA Membership

Add Disease & Color Panel results to Horse Ownership Summary

This will assist owners, buyers, breeders in answering the question of IF a horse has been tested and the result of said test(s) and will relieve the AQHA customer service representatives from answering basic questions of whether or not a horse has been tested, either as required or by preference. Not that it should be a factor, but it would also be a way to increase a small amount of funding $1 at a time when members... more »

Story Ideas

AQHA Can Save Money

AQHA could save alot of money by eliminating multiple Journals being sent to the same address. I have a number of memerbship IDs used for different partnerships, etc. I try to help keep your costs down by stopping the extra Journals that are mailed to my house. But it always starts back up and soon I'm getting 2-3 every month. I try to give them away to non-members, but usually they go in the trash. Here is how... more »


AQHA Membership

Improve the Submit Your Idea webpage

Several friends have noted as they attempted to vote on this Submit Your Idea page, that if multiple members of a household share an email address they can not individually vote on ideas even if they have separate AQHA membership numbers. I suggest that the login to this page be changed so that separate passwords can be used with the same email address. In fact, it would make sense if the login amounted to email address... more »

AQHA Membership

An App

I think you guys should create an app where we can log on and stay logged on to member services. We would be able to check show leaders, points and other member service things. I am always having to to to and type in my log in stuff to check show leaders. I think this would be a quicker way to

check these things.


AQHA Membership

AQHA home page: ditch the box!

Please eliminate the annoying redirect on the AQHA home page when a visitor tries to close the log-in box. So many visitors to the website are NOT members, and only become frustrated by the insistence on creating an account. We don't need visitors to jump through hoops! And for members? I don't create an account to view any other association's website--why should I have to for my own? Place the account appeal in a sidebar... more »

Story Ideas

Youth Social Media Coordinator

I think that AQHA needs a youth social media coordinator. This person would try to encourage more youth the join AQHA and become more involved. They would help manage the AQHA youth Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter pages. As a participant in the 2013 AQHA Young Horse Development Program, I was able to reach out to other youth about the program by creating a Facebook page, "Megan D'Andrea and Willow 2013 AQHA... more »

Story Ideas

Preserve the American Quarter Horse Breeding Objective

I strongly feel that the stallions to be eligible for breeding and foals to be registered should under go an evaluation to be accepted as breeding stock. The American Quarter Horse is in dyer need to under go change. A chance to perfect it's stock and preserve the quarter horse. An effort to stop poor breeding choices and discourage and educate the members is being made. This needs to continue. Horses need to be registered,... more »