Horse Showing

Suggestion for new mobile

I find the mobile version of AQHA.Com hard to use. I like using the full site, even on my phone, so I have access to areas I need when I am secretary for a show. Also, There is no "showing" page to access.

Please rework the main page to headings same as Web page.

Need to get info on forms and opening a show to verify a horse's name or number or verify owner/ROM.

Thank you. (The sooner the better!)

Horse Showing

World Show Registration

Please make registration for the world show more simple. I myself, and several other regular world show qualifiers, often commiserate about the archaic system of receiving a folder in the mail with several different forms to fill out. These forms are due within a short time frame, and no email reminders seem to go out. Last year, I missed the deadline because I received no folder at all, even though I was watching and... more »