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Add Disease & Color Panel results to Horse Ownership Summary

This will assist owners, buyers, breeders in answering the question of IF a horse has been tested and the result of said test(s) and will relieve the AQHA customer service representatives from answering basic questions of whether or not a horse has been tested, either as required or by preference. Not that it should be a factor, but it would also be a way to increase a small amount of funding $1 at a time when members... more »

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Free Color Change

Many times a horse's color changes as they age, but are registered as foals. I know you can pay a fee to have it changed, but this doesn't seem right. This information can be very helpful when breeding or identifying horses for brand inspections, etc. Perhaps there can be two colors: foal, aged. If someone wants to report this change, they are doing a service to the community and possibly protecting their horse.


AQHA Membership

Genetic Testing Discount at Foal Registration

I propose that AQHA offer a package deal for registering foals that includes the registration itself, parentage verification, 5-panel genetic disease testing, and complete color testing. If the cost of this could be controlled (maybe $125-150 or so) so that smaller breeders without much money and larger operations with many mares saw it reasonable, this would go a long way towards helping to educate and control genetic... more »

Horse Showing

Breeches Color (English apparel)

I'd like to propose that an amendment be made on the color of breeches we can wear. It would be nice if we could wear some of the more flattering earth tone shades of brown like a mocha, etc. I think it will help some of us with a better overall appearance. The hunt jackets and some of the shirts are really pushing the limits too. There is no place for bling with the shirts and color is being added to the jackets around... more »

Story Ideas

Preserve the American Quarter Horse Breeding Objective

I strongly feel that the stallions to be eligible for breeding and foals to be registered should under go an evaluation to be accepted as breeding stock. The American Quarter Horse is in dyer need to under go change. A chance to perfect it's stock and preserve the quarter horse. An effort to stop poor breeding choices and discourage and educate the members is being made. This needs to continue. Horses need to be registered,... more »