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Improve Utility of Horse Search Function

I have been trying to find a stallion to breed a mare to for some months now and it is next to impossible. Breeders do not advertise like they used to and unless you are already aware of the stud, it is not possible to find what you are looking for. The AQHA horse search database would be invaluable if it were possible to search in a logical manner, not only in stallion searches, but for potential sale horses, etc. I... more »

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Paper Spaying Mares

As a breeder, it seems to me I get to make decisions about the colts I have and which of them may be good enough quality to be allowed to keep their breeding ability. For some reason, I do not have that same ability with the fillies I produce. Would it not stand to reason that if I get to decide if a colt is good enough to reproduce, that I should also be able to decide the same for a filly? In that vein, why could... more »

Horse Showing

Show Horse Leasing is doing more harm than good

While it was an admirable idea to allow amateurs to lease show horses for a year and not have to buy them, as far as I can tell, it does not appear to be increasing show numbers, but it is decreasing horse sales and breeding sales. It is understandable to allow a lease to a novice to allow them to learn on a good seasoned horse. But allowing amateurs to lease just means they no longer have to buy a horse to show one...... more »

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Marking Horses with Registration Numbers

I know I am not the only person out there who has bought a horse that was registered once-upon-a-time with AQHA, but due to irresponsible owners and multiple transfers, the papers and information has been lost. I think that along with the proof-of-ownership in the form of registration papers, that AQHA registered horses should be marked physically with a brand, or lip/ear tattoo with their corresponding registration... more »

Horse Showing

Appendix Advancement

I think there should be some changes to the appendix advancement rules. I have a good stallion by Zips Chocolate Chip out of a Skys Blue Boy daughter. The mare was appendix and died before I could get her ROM and advance her. The stallion was injured as a yearling and can't show but is producing very well. He'll never have the opportunity for advancement and I am missing out on being able to breed to good appendix... more »


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Preserve the American Quarter Horse Breeding Objective

I strongly feel that the stallions to be eligible for breeding and foals to be registered should under go an evaluation to be accepted as breeding stock. The American Quarter Horse is in dyer need to under go change. A chance to perfect it's stock and preserve the quarter horse. An effort to stop poor breeding choices and discourage and educate the members is being made. This needs to continue. Horses need to be registered,... more »

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Fall Foaling

Encourage fall foaling in addition to the traditional spring foaling. There are many advantages of fall foaling and more show classes could fit the new foaling dates. The show classes could split every 6 months. My main objective for fall foaling is management and health of the mares and foals. We have springtime fescue problems in the Midwest; cold, wet spring weather, along with heat and insects. The mares milk on hay... more »