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Please put transfer back ON the papers!

I can't tell you how many horses I've come across, either helped to sell or rode for someone, who didn't have clean transfers because the transfer form is seperate from the papers. Novice owners don't realize you need papers AND transfer form. 2 pages are easy to lose - especially if you don't realize what the second form is. Years ago, the transfer was the back of the horse's papers - so if you had the papers, you... more »

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Create a "Name Change Form" new horse's name

AQHA desperately needs a "Name Change Form" for when a new name is desired for a previously registered horse. AQHA registration department fields many phone calls and tells "the member to write down on a piece of paper and send in $55". This form can be listed in AQHA: Resources section within "Printable Forms" near the AQHA Transfer Report.

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Preserve the American Quarter Horse Breeding Objective

I strongly feel that the stallions to be eligible for breeding and foals to be registered should under go an evaluation to be accepted as breeding stock. The American Quarter Horse is in dyer need to under go change. A chance to perfect it's stock and preserve the quarter horse. An effort to stop poor breeding choices and discourage and educate the members is being made. This needs to continue. Horses need to be registered,... more »

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Changing a Horse's Name - Let Breeder Decide

I own a few broodmares and I try to keep track of the foals I have raised. In doing so, I typically choose names for my foals that are easy for me to identify. However, AQHA makes it too easy for people to change a horse's name. I accidentally missed a homebred going through a sale because his name had been changed to something that I would never have chosen. I think the breeder should have the right to say whether or... more »