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Be able to fill out AQHA Level 1 (Novice) Application on-line

I would like be able to fill out my AQHA Level 1 (Novice) Application on-line instead of filling out a piece of paper and sending it to AQHA. This might also help show offices where they could have a PC hooked up so that exhibitors could submit their Novice applications.


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Picture Added to Information When Looking Up Horse

When you search for a registered name and the different information pops up about the horse, it would be nice if a picture section was also on that list. One picture would be great, a few would be awesome. Two possible thoughts on how to do it: When I registered my girl I had sent in several pictures with the paperwork, AQHA could add those to the picture section. Or owners can submit their own pictures. The reasoning... more »


Story Ideas

Nutrition is the key

I would like to see more articles about the art and science of nutrition in our AQHA journal. Like the articles on reproduction and emergency medicine, or general veterinary procedures. Just put articles about nutrition authored by veterinarians and equine nutritionists in the magazine. You could add articles in extra space and you wouldn't have to cut any other articles out to print articles about nutrition. I love... more »

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Show manager training

With people from around the USA attending the AQHA World Show not only to compete but many to watch I would attend the show management training class. Few years ago Sandy recommended that we start holding a small show, I would live to, but with all my horses I don't travel. But many do come to OKC in November.

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AQHA journal -- provide lifetime award definitions/details

Suggestion -- It would be nice if The Journal provided the details on what it takes to earn the various lifetime awards, such as performance champion versus AQHA champion, etc. (example AQHA Open Champion - min of 15 halter points, # number of performance points in 2 categories or whatever it is, as I can't ever remember). I love seeing what different horses and riders have earned each month, but find that I have to... more »


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Amateur vs Amateur Select

Wanting go see if there' any way to stop my Amateur entry from being turned in as Amateur Select. I do not enter the Select class & highlight on the entry form NO SELECT, but because of my birthdate, my class results are being submitted to AQHA as Select. I've been told there's nothing I could do to request a correction because results are signed & submitted. Missing year end opportunities because points are not being... more »

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For the good of the horse

Wouldn't it be great if AQHA subsidized classes that are aimed at teaching people how to provide additional care in the way of massage therapy, first aid, improved mental well being, etc. to their equine athlete? I think all of our horses would thank us for having this additional knowledge and would help keep our quarter horses happy and sound. Currently, a massage therapy course is around $700.00. This service could... more »

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Amatuer Level 3 at World Shows

Why can't we enter same Level 3 class at World Shows. I was told it's because they don't want someone to win both shows. If that's the case at least give those of us that didn't win a second chance !!! If you win at Select, you may not enter Lucas, That's Not hard to track & I don't think anyone would dishonestly enter Lucas, only to be Dq'd. There would be more entries, it's Too Expensive to travel to World Shows for... more »


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Allow stallions in Level One competition

I qualify in all events in Level One competition as a rider, but can not complete in that division due to my sole horse is a stallion. I've owned stallions all my life and have stood multiple AQHA and APHA stallions. I could understand the reasoning behind a "beginner" riding a stallion. However being a beginner level at showing does not equate to a beginner rider or horseman. Maybe a way around that to verify the rider... more »