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Make an Online Handbook available as one pdf

Please make a pdf available with the handbook all in one download. I could always just search and my subject would scan the entire handbook for the information I was seeking. Now I have to do section, section, section. Hate it. Too time consuming for me. It would be ok to leave the sections for those who like them; but make it available as one pdf for those of us who download it to our computer. Thank you for your consideration... more »

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Create a "Name Change Form" new horse's name

AQHA desperately needs a "Name Change Form" for when a new name is desired for a previously registered horse. AQHA registration department fields many phone calls and tells "the member to write down on a piece of paper and send in $55". This form can be listed in AQHA: Resources section within "Printable Forms" near the AQHA Transfer Report.

AQHA Membership

Allow online membership renewals to add Amateur,& Novice

A LOT of exhibitors renew online (or when telephone solicitors were used) and when they come to enter their card is only an open membership and they must purchase the upgrade to amateur, amateur novice or youth novice (if qualified). This should be corrected so the applicant gets the appropriate membership.


70 votes
73 up votes
3 down votes

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REALLY limiting terms for officers and directors

The AQHA needs to REALLY limit terms for officers and directors. Currently, when their terms are up, they just get themselves voted in again. There are some directors who have been officers and directors for 14 years, including the current president.

AQHA Membership

AQHA Rules

No individual on the Executive Committee or the most powerful committee, the Stud Book & Registration Committee, should be allowed to vote on rule changes that directly affect them financially. Also, there should not be several individuals involved in a portion of the industry (i.e.) racing on the Stud Book & Registration Committee.

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Increased Transparency

Why do members have to find out about the financial position of the AQHA from articles on the Internet? Even though they do release their financials to the members, they do not break down income or expenses deep enough so members can see where the money is really going and those finances don't match the 990 they file with the Internal Revenue Service. Where did they hide the $8 million they spent on a new IT program for... more »

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Credibility is a big problem within the AQHA officers and directors which have driven away members. I think if everyone who lied on the witness stand during the cloning lawsuit was dismissed, it would help the way members feel about their association.

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Combine forces with APHA

AQHA and APHA share common lineages, in many cases, separated only by antiquated definitions of color. Both breed organizations are based on stock horse ideals. Both are showing declines in membership, registration, and show participation. In some parts of the country, both groups have difficulty filling classes. Both have the expense of maintaining complex databases. Establishing a platform in which both breeds could... more »

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Correctly annotate color on reigistration papers.

AQHA's inability, and sometimes refusal, to correctly register a horse's color is antiquated. Given the advancements in genetics testing, it is not difficult to correctly register color, even given the constraints of the old computer system and failed upgrade. A sorrel horse with the champagne dilution should not be registered as a palomino. Grey is not a base color, it is a type of white pattern and can easily be noted... more »

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Utilize Email for contact with Members

A lot of members funds are wasted sending out useless letters when an email would be quicker & more cost effective, as well as allowing a response to be directed back to the person handling the paperwork/issue.


The AQHA need to get n the 21st century & use the tools available.

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Make race replays shareable on social media

Would love to have the ability to share the race replays you provide via social media. Since we are always looking for a way to create new fans and owners, this would allow others not connected to horse racing or the AQHA to experience horse racing through social media.

Thank you!

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Points/division names/leveling -- keep it simple!!!!

AQHA's attempts at leveling, while honorable, have not produced the desired result and there are still lots of complaints being aired on online forums, at horse shows, and in general conversations with other AQHA enthusiasts. For example, the rules for Rookie don't allow a horse with over 10 points to be shown in that division. That makes zero sense --a rookie rider SHOULD be on a seasoned show horse! Rookie is the only... more »