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World Show Registration

Please make registration for the world show more simple. I myself, and several other regular world show qualifiers, often commiserate about the archaic system of receiving a folder in the mail with several different forms to fill out. These forms are due within a short time frame, and no email reminders seem to go out. Last year, I missed the deadline because I received no folder at all, even though I was watching and... more »

Horse Showing

Follow Rule Book for All Shows including World Shows

In looking at the current entries for the 2014 World Show I am noticing Amateur Entries showing Professional Horseman's horses. Horses that they haven't qualified for their respective classes. How is that fair for the Membership as a whole?? AQHA is worried about the decline of entries, but have we become a organization of who you know to get entered where you want? I am a current Show Manager and had someone come... more »

AQHA Membership

Stick to the rules and dead lines.

I think the rules should be adhered to by the judges, Judges should not be able to change rules as they wish at a show on a whim. Also, Deadlines for shows should not be extended. Such as the deadline for the World was the 15th, now it is the 19th, is it a deadline or not? Lets stick to the rules.

Horse Showing

Do Not Charge for Watching World Show Online

Stop charging for watching the live stream of the World Show. Neither Congress or the Select Show charge (or they didn't in 2013). Being able to watch the World show is beneficial on many levels, as publicity for the breed, and as a learning tool. At the least provide it for free to members (it is our breed championship show).

Horse Showing


we have come to the world show in OKC for over 20 yrs as spectators and we usually stay about 10 days. This show use to be so much FUN to attend, no so much anymore. Why cant you return to making it fun for specatators. What happend to evening entertainment? the Qbug was GREAT! where did the QZone go? the special music related to the champions name on the pa? The printed journal update for the day... These were all... more »

Horse Showing

Novice Points

Novice riders work just as hard to earn their points, if not harder because the classes are usually larger than the open classes. Why not allow Novice points to count towards World Qualification? Even if they are worth half credit (2 Novice points = 1 Youth or Amateur Point) it would still be more rewarding. Even having it so that for every 4 Novice points earned would only equal 1 regular point would be better than them... more »

Horse Showing

Exhibitor Name/Horse Name Announcement at World Show

AQHA should NOT announce horses and exhibitors names at all World show competitions. This was none more apparent than at this years 2014 youth world show, where many trainers children and overly publicized horses/exhibitors were making the finals with mediocre patterns and go's. It just breeds the idea that "its all about who you know" when you walk into that arena. Many regular folks do not have those connections and... more »