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Amateur vs Amateur Select

Wanting go see if there' any way to stop my Amateur entry from being turned in as Amateur Select. I do not enter the Select class & highlight on the entry form NO SELECT, but because of my birthdate, my class results are being submitted to AQHA as Select. I've been told there's nothing I could do to request a correction because results are signed & submitted. Missing year end opportunities because points are not being... more »

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AQHA approved dressage shows

The current AQHA Dressage program makes participation very difficult. My state does not currently offer any AQHA approved dressage shows. Each USDF/USEF licensed dressage show must apply for approval with AQHA with a $50 charge per show. Additionally, while not currently enforced, the show secretary must be a member of AQHA. Our state dressage shows are pretty large but I'm still usually the only one showing a quarter... more »

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Judge's Card

I'd love to pursue a judge's card, but after looking at the application I feel like there is no way I would have a shot. I don't have a show horse and I do not breed horses. I do coach youth horse judging though and have been doing so for about 10 years. I've had very successful teams at the local and National levels - including the high individual in the performance division, along with other team awards at The Congress... more »

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AQHA Alternative Competition Program

I would love it if we could have an alternative competition program, like APHA's PAC program. This allows horses to earn alternative competition points when they are shown in smaller shows and shows that are not AQHA breed shows. Schooling shows, playdays, state shows, barrel racing and gymkhana shows, parades, 4-H shows, team pennings, ropings, horse trials, and other activities that fall outside the category of AQHA... more »


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Find A Trainer Map

You know how you can do a hotel search and select the "map" option, so you can look at the hotels geographically? Could AQHA take the same idea and revamp that "Find A Trainer" link? It would be awesome to pull up a map and see dots where all the trainers are located, hover over the dot and the trainer's contact information pops up. This need became apparent when I moved to another part of the country. I know the surrounding... more »


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Tail Testing

Have vets when doing urine/blood testing also do a,tail test. I have seen WAY to many horses with crooked or unusable tails due to nerve blocking too many times or completely cutting the nerves. It is supposed to be illegal, but almost every trainer I know does it and says you have to to be,competitive. Some of the trainers are AQHA judges as well!

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New Exhibitor Friendly WS Schedule

I thought AQHA was focusing on the welfare of the horse yet the WS schedule for the fence classes doesn't give the horse a day off in the 7 showing days if both open and Amateur events are entered?? I don't know how this is good for exhibits or the horses. Before the exhibitors start to book flights, AQHA should consider re-examining the schedule and go back to the way fence classes were done in past years as the... more »

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How Many Year End Awards is Too Many?

I recently browsed thru the Year End Awards lists, only to find 4 times the number of award lists (Nov, Lev 1,2,3 in each category of rider) and yet no overall year end placings in the rider category. So I'm guessing we have just quadrupled the Honor Roll. I feel this waters down the "honor" of being on the Honor Roll. At the same time, because there is no overall award for each, its nearly impossible to see how everyone... more »

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Cheaper Entry Fees

AQHA has spent so much time and money trying to figure out how to encourage more people to show. Cheaper entries and more all inclusive fees would allow more people to go to more shows. 15$ per judge per class is ridiculous and unaffordable. AQHA should be helping our show managers promote the industry by helping meet some of the costs associated with building rentals and judges and at the very least have some type... more »

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Enroll older eligible horses for incentive fund program

I had a chance to enroll my horse in the Incentive fund program. I did not know she was eligible as a foal to be enrolled in this program. AQHA sadly informed me that I was not able to pay the enrollment for her as an older horse. I believe if the stallion was nominated the year the foal was conceived the foal should be eligible for its lifetime to be enrolled.

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Youth Social Media Coordinator

I think that AQHA needs a youth social media coordinator. This person would try to encourage more youth the join AQHA and become more involved. They would help manage the AQHA youth Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter pages. As a participant in the 2013 AQHA Young Horse Development Program, I was able to reach out to other youth about the program by creating a Facebook page, "Megan D'Andrea and Willow 2013 AQHA... more »

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AQHA Marketing Department.

How would you feel about setting aside a portion of revenue to promote the breed? This would be similar to the Beef Check Off. Start by hiring a marketing person/staff within AQHA HQ who would be responsible for promoting and encouraging more people to own, use and show AQHA horses. Possibly even having one person in each state or region responsible for promoting the breed on the ground. These people would look for... more »

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AQHA Training Show

Most will agree that we need to find a way to expand the number of people and horses showing at AQHA shows in order to improve the equine market. Currently less than 2% of AQHA members are participating in the current show system because only the very best horses and riders can achieve success and feel competitive. The following suggestion would bridge the gap for riders and horses. There is a place for every horse... more »