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AQHA Ranch Classes Before 2017

During the 2015 AQHA Convention, the Show Committee recommended initiation of a ranch horse trail class for the third year in a row and the initiation of a ranch rail pleasure class for the second year in a row. Both recommendations were passed as part of the committee reports during the closing membership business meeting. The stipulation was made that neither class would be implemented until 2017. The rationale for ...more »

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AQHA Membership

Overall Presentaion of Exhibitor & Horse in Ranch Pleasure

Would like to see Overall Presentation of Exhibitor and Horse in

Ranch Pleasure evaluated and scored.


See Showmanship SNW374 and Horsemanship SHW433 in


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Horse Showing

AQHA Ranch Horse Pleasure class "as is"

Ranch Horse Pleasure has been a very successful and growing class for AQHA and popular among members and new members wanting to try class. Leave class format the same and let this popular class evolve without structural changes. (i.e. leave as individual pattern class, not adding more obstacles etc).

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