Horse Showing

Find A Trainer Map

You know how you can do a hotel search and select the "map" option, so you can look at the hotels geographically? Could AQHA take the same idea and revamp that "Find A Trainer" link? It would be awesome to pull up a map and see dots where all the trainers are located, hover over the dot and the trainer's contact information pops up. This need became apparent when I moved to another part of the country. I know the surrounding... more »


AQHA Membership

Improve the Submit Your Idea webpage

Several friends have noted as they attempted to vote on this Submit Your Idea page, that if multiple members of a household share an email address they can not individually vote on ideas even if they have separate AQHA membership numbers. I suggest that the login to this page be changed so that separate passwords can be used with the same email address. In fact, it would make sense if the login amounted to email address... more »

AQHA Membership

Adding list of horses to myAQHA

I'd like to see AQHA add a list of my currently owned and previously owned horses on the my AQHA website. This could simplify many forms as well as you could select a horse from the list and print a pdf that generates with it's information to submit, for things such as five panel testing, color testing, DNA parentage verification... creating new foal registration, the list goes on. This could also allow each person to... more »