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Mexico needs clear rules for assigning judges

Mexico needs clear rules for assigning judges. Depends on who you need, sometimes AQHA judges assigned automatically. For other members, no asiga AQHA judges. It is important that the same rule to assign judges to Mexico.

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Horse Showing

Drug Testing Mexico

In Mexico, for many years we have paid $ 4 for each horse and we have never had a review of drugs. Mexico needs a clear explanation of the use of those dollars are sent 4 AQHA. There are calls to AQHA on a breeder who uses drugs, and never had a test. How you are spending that $ 4 for Mexico?

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Story Ideas

Letters in Spanish

95% of mexican breeders don't understand english letters, so we need that AQHA send all the letters in spanish. Each year, only 5% (3500) of mexican owners do the transfer process (60,000), most of them don't change the transfer caused by the language.

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