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Add LWO to the 5-Panel DNA Test

I propose adding the DNA test for lethal white overo to the existing 5-panel DNA test. This is a fairly common gene in quarter horses and isn't always visually apparent. When two LWO carriers are crossed, there is a 25% chance of creating a foal that will not survive more than a few days. The test is commercially available and reliable (already offered separately through AQHA) and adding it to the existing 5-panel would... more »


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5-Panel Test Results

Why can't AQHA and the current listed owner of the horse being tested be co-owners of the 5-panel test results? This way UC Davis could send BOTH AQHA and the owner of the horse the test results directly? This would make things so much easier and make your members happier b/c they can get their test results faster. The test results having to go from UCD to AQHA and then to us makes it impossible for anyone to test... more »

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Preserve the American Quarter Horse Breeding Objective

I strongly feel that the stallions to be eligible for breeding and foals to be registered should under go an evaluation to be accepted as breeding stock. The American Quarter Horse is in dyer need to under go change. A chance to perfect it's stock and preserve the quarter horse. An effort to stop poor breeding choices and discourage and educate the members is being made. This needs to continue. Horses need to be registered,... more »

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Add Disease & Color Panel results to Horse Ownership Summary

This will assist owners, buyers, breeders in answering the question of IF a horse has been tested and the result of said test(s) and will relieve the AQHA customer service representatives from answering basic questions of whether or not a horse has been tested, either as required or by preference. Not that it should be a factor, but it would also be a way to increase a small amount of funding $1 at a time when members... more »