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Youth Incentive Fund

I was reading the FAQ's page for the incentive fund and the answer to the reason behind not having a youth division is absorb in my mind. The incentive fund should be allowed into youth because that can ultimately help pay off the parents debts that they gained over the show year. Or, it could even be given as a scholarship fund account once the exhibitor age's out. Just because we are kids, doesn't mean we can't handle ...more »


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Horse Showing

Enroll older eligible horses for incentive fund program

I had a chance to enroll my horse in the Incentive fund program. I did not know she was eligible as a foal to be enrolled in this program. AQHA sadly informed me that I was not able to pay the enrollment for her as an older horse. I believe if the stallion was nominated the year the foal was conceived the foal should be eligible for its lifetime to be enrolled.