Horse Showing

Cheaper Entry Fees

AQHA has spent so much time and money trying to figure out how to encourage more people to show. Cheaper entries and more all inclusive fees would allow more people to go to more shows. 15$ per judge per class is ridiculous and unaffordable. AQHA should be helping our show managers promote the industry by helping meet some of the costs associated with building rentals and judges and at the very least have some type... more »

AQHA Membership


AQHA needs to find ways to stop micro managing its members and just do their job as we members have voted. The association needs to streamline many departments, committees, etc to decrease costs for all those involved in showing, breeding and just enjoying our horses. We need to add value back into the QH breed

Horse Showing

Lower Fees

The Fees are getting out of hand for the average quarter horse show. $8 dollars per judge is rediculous and starting to become not worth the showing. Soon AQHA is not going to have people showing because of the fees, The small fry and novice are there to learn to get better not to spend all of there money on one show! Not only is it getting too expensive for people it is starting to become a rich person sport, what happened... more »