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Why small shows are dying out

I recommend AQHA limit the number of circuits in each state to encourage exhibitors to attend weekend shows. I realize many exhibitors love the circuits. Trainers only have to set up once. But these are killing the small shows. Looking at AQHA shows in Indiana and Kentucky I noticed something sad. Adding all the shows March through July Indiana has 27 AQHA shows. Of these all but 3 were split combined, many are circuits. ...more »

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Horse Showing

Two Day Shows

I'd like to see AQHA encourage two day shows. Too many shows are getting to be circuits. This gets hard for the average joe who has to work in order to support this habit. We want to participate as much as possible as well. Take Wisconsin for example. For 2015 we have five shows in a row! All circuits the first one is five days, the second through fourth week are all four day circuits with the last one being a five day ...more »

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