Horse Showing

AQHA Alternative Competition Program

I would love it if we could have an alternative competition program, like APHA's PAC program. This allows horses to earn alternative competition points when they are shown in smaller shows and shows that are not AQHA breed shows. Schooling shows, playdays, state shows, barrel racing and gymkhana shows, parades, 4-H shows, team pennings, ropings, horse trials, and other activities that fall outside the category of AQHA... more »


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Horse Showing

AQHA Points for Trail Challenge Placings

I think there should be regular show points awarded that go on your horses show record, for competing in the Trail Challenges. They should be like regular show points and count towards Year End awards, High Points and Championships. They are after all judged events and the Trail Challenge results represent the hard work and partnerships between horse and rider. I think this would result in more participation and encourage... more »