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How Many Year End Awards is Too Many?

I recently browsed thru the Year End Awards lists, only to find 4 times the number of award lists (Nov, Lev 1,2,3 in each category of rider) and yet no overall year end placings in the rider category. So I'm guessing we have just quadrupled the Honor Roll. I feel this waters down the "honor" of being on the Honor Roll. At the same time, because there is no overall award for each, its nearly impossible to see how everyone... more »

Horse Showing

Bring Back Rosette Ribbons at All World Shows

I recently attended the Adequan Select World Show and was fortunate to win a Reserve Champion Title and I am very grateful for my award. I always loved the Rosette Ribbons, and was a bit disappointed to not receive one this year. The medallion in a box is a nice, easy to display award in a trophy case, and I can understand that for trainers and owners of multiple horses, these would be much more practical, however, for... more »


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