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AQHA Membership

Removing grade as a transfer option

When sending a previous owner transfer papers to sign, they can say that they sold the horse grade so that they do not have to transfer the horse. The papers should go with the horse. That is not fair to the horse or the new owner that they cannot have paper that are rightfully theirs. This is all so that breeders don't have their name tied to a horse. If the option was taken away then breeders would be more selective ...more »

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Increase new AQHA members communication with Affiliate AQHA Club

Everytime a new member joins AQHA, they are sent an email welcoming them and offering them the AQHA state affiliate that is their connection to quick information about Quarter Horse activities in their state, meet Quarter Horse friends nearby and also to explain the AQHA - State Affiliate relationship.

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United States Eventing Association as an AQHA Alliance Partner

The AQHA has recognized the United States Dressage Federation for dressage several years ago. The AQHA should do the same with the United States Eventing Association for three day eventing. This would enable the USEA to provide AQHA with points and/or money earnings on American Quarter Horses competing in eventing.

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Change Scholarship amounts to help more students

Saw this and went WHAT! By Edited Press Release Nov 22, 2016 Topics: Horse Industry News Print Email Favorite Share Newsletters Alaina Kringen, a fourth-year veterinary student at Iowa State University, will receive the $75,000 Coyote Rock Ranch Veterinary Scholarship from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Foundation. Here is the link to the site showing the different scholarships ...more »

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