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Youth Social Media Coordinator

I think that AQHA needs a youth social media coordinator. This person would try to encourage more youth the join AQHA and become more involved. They would help manage the AQHA youth Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter pages. As a participant in the 2013 AQHA Young Horse Development Program, I was able to reach out to other youth about the program by creating a Facebook page, "Megan D'Andrea and Willow 2013 AQHA Young Horse Development Program". I recieved a lot of messages regarding the 2014 program and about AQHA and horse showing. I loved sharing information with them and bringing new people into the industry! If you look at most youth today, I can gurantee you'll spot them on their phone texting, technology is the way of the future! If AQHA were to offer this youth position, I would be the first to apply! It's both fun and brining more youth into horses! :)


Idea No. 214