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Position paper on AQHA ranch horse classes coming soon

The AQHA show and pro horseman's committee recommended some excellent changes in the ranch horse platform of classes during the 2014 convention. The AQHA executive committee approved some, but not all of those changes and made changes that were not proposed and are bad for the success of this important group of classes. This is a heads up that the exhibitors interested in these classes are putting together another position paper to let AQHA know of those mistakes and ask for a correction. My personal opinion on this cut from the AQHA Ranch Horse Pleasure page on facebook follows. It would behove AQHA to have somebody follow that page over 1000 members either currently showing or thinking of showing those classes speak freely their about their opinions. Here's my perspective copied from that page. "Just because a class is available on the list of classes, does not mean that show management has to add it to their showbill. Many shows do not hold cattle classes because they don't have the facilities or speed classes because they don't think they have the participants. Marci Braddock as you know, SWQHA has WR on their show bill but with the caveat that if they do not have at least 3 horses in one of the classes, they will not hold the Division. CO was one of the last Rocky Mountain states to add RHP because we have a trainer base with their noses in the air that believes that it is a class for horses who can't do anything else and why should "those people" (RHP people) need to take part in their high end shows. So if show management wants to maintain their schedule with only regular trail and WP, that is OK. However in the CO example, RHP was eventually added because of the huge number and popularity in the states around us and now in many instances, RHP has as many or more entries than even the ever popular trail class and outranks WP generally 4 to 1. My belief is that the All-Around trainers and AQHA can see the writing on the wall and they are scared of that. That is that these classes will take over from the existing classes and push those classes out. The show all-around will start going to the horses showing the ranch classes instead of the traditional classes. That would be a huge catastrophe for the WP good old boys club. Anyway 1, I heartily agree with people that wonder why they would change the rules for RHP when it is working and there is nothing in the rules now that restricts any kind of obstacle from being added to the class as was evident at last years World shows. 2. I don't see any reason to not add RHT and let those shows that want it include it and those that don't, not and 3. RRP should start at the latest in 2016 although why not 2015.I am sure that CO will again be the last state in the rocky mountain region to add any other ranch classes, but the general populace here will demand it and eventually it will happen. Until then, I will have to drive to NM or WY as we did the first year of RHP"


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