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Pick-Up Horse of the Year Award

I think it that AQHA should partner with PRCA to create an award for PRCA Pick-Up Horse of the Year. Of course, not all pick-up horses are AQHA, however a majority of them are registered Quarter Horses. The pick-up horse, much like the cowboy riding it, does not get appreciated enough. They have to be catty and fast like a barrel horse, and they must watchy like a steer wrestling horse. They need to be able to rope, carry heavy loads, and pull a bull or a horse out of the arena. They are well trained and very hard working. They are some of the most valuable animals that step foot into the Thomas & Mack every year and into countless other rodeo arenas around the country.


I think cowboys should have to keep their horses registered and membership in good standing. The horses must be registered as well. I really think these athletes deserve awards, and they should start to be recognized as the Pick-Up men are now.



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