Horse Showing

List / Add Affiliate AQHA website to Show Calender

Show department (and likely show manager) field many phone calls from members looking at the "Show Calendar" on AQHA website wanting more information about show which they could actually be getting from the AQHA Affiliates website, The AQHA Affiliate Website (or show website if show has one) is not listed just the show managers email. Consider adding Affiliate website and show website in this sample format:



CIty (Amarillo),Date (August 16-17), **S/C** TEXAS QHA Show & Futurity,

Show Manager: Name Last, First (xxx) xxx-xxxx

E-Mail: [email protected]

(new) AQHA Affiliate website: [email protected]

(new) Show website: list if available


Second phase would be to insert an interactive US map within Show Resources / Show Calendar with AQHA affiliate websites per state.

For example, if a person is hauling for a high point title or wants to plan show schedule or if family wants to plan showing during summer months they would be able to find the AQHA Affiliate website in each state and adjoining states and look at show schedule for that Affiliate without AQHA show department having to look up some of that information manually.



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