Horse Showing

Experiance Counts

Last year I was told by a Judge that my horse is too old to be competitive. He is now 16 years old - healthy and has never taken an unsound step. Any thought to adding a Super Senior level - I am a middle income amateur exhibitor and I can't afford to invest in a younger horse,(plus I really like this horse, he has done nothing wrong except get older) Most AQHA shows are financially impossible for me to attend and in our area are split combined - and I can't get that much time off from work. I show open shows and I got solid registration on my horse from the Pinto association so I can participate in OPAC. This will be my final year for an AQHA membership I have been a member for over 25 years, sadly showing has become a rich persons game. I think having an open show program would help those of us who can't compete at the AQHA level, either due to horse talent or your bank account.



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